University Pathway Program

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The Ontario Secondary School Diploma is amongst the best curriculum globally; highly rated by prestigious post-secondary institutions, making it an exceptionally sought-after education model. The OSSD places an emphasis on holistic development and learning with a progressive evaluation model accommodating varied learning styles. Upon completing the OSSD curriculum, students are well prepared for higher education in top universities across the globe.

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  • Differentiated Education Curriculum
  • Internationally Recognised Certificate
  • Individualised Learning Plan
  • Enhances Resume for University
  • Pathway to Studying in Canada
We provide high quality services

More about the Diploma ( (University Pathway Program)

Ontario Education Number
Students officially become a Canadian Student with an Identification Number added to their records.
Preferred by Global Universities
The OSSD is world-renowned and accepted amongst top global universities without a necessity for further testing.
We provide high quality services
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