Realize your Highest Potential  on top of the OSSD Diploma

"Unlock your full potential and elevate your athletic abilities with the comprehensive program offered by WEBA-OSA Sports Academy. In addition to the OSSD Diploma, our academy provides elite academics and specialized training in various sports including hockey, dance, soccer, and strength and conditioning. Our program focuses on nurturing not only your athletic improvement but also your academic growth, character development, social responsibility, and mental well-being. Join us and become a leader in sports, health, and life with WEBA-OSA Sports Academy."
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At WEBA - OSA we are to assist you in order to enroll for the OSSD Diploma ( Grade 12). It will help you to enter Canadian Colleges and Universities. We will assist you when you are in Canada with the application process. International Students from all over the world choose to do the OSSD before to apply into College or a University, in order to be well prepared.

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WEBA Osa School
1565 Maple Grove Drive,
Kanata , ON, K2V 1A3, canada.
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