Tuition Fee 

Registration Application Fee $1250.00

Tuition Fee $18,500.00
Technology Fee $500.00
PLAR Fee and Bank Fee $290.00
Student Services Fee $300.00

Total Program Costs $20,840.00

Important to note: Some students may require extra courses from Grade 11 if they still need prerequisites for the Grade 12 required courses for their chosen pathway. For example, a student who desires an Engineering Pathway in University must take Grade 12 Physics. If the student does not have Grade 11 Physics from their national curriculum, they will be required to take the course with us. A second example is if a student still needs to get a Grade 11 English course in their national curriculum equivalent to the Canadian system, they will need to take Grade 11 English with us. These courses will be an extra cost. The cost will be $2,312.00 per course required. The need for additional courses will be determined after evaluating a student’s transcripts and listed in the Letter of Admission.

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